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Mystery Tour (Visiting spiritual sites)

Leave it an agent of Shinto and Buddhism, Mr. Nishino!
(6 hours tour)
Like “Chef`s choice” in first-rate restaurant, please leave it to Mr. Nishino in our Mystery tour.
Not only well-experienced guide, the supreme hospitality is also our tour`s feature.

Departure time 10:00 am Ending time 4:00 pm

Available everyday (Solo participants are also welcome!)


Mr. Nishino (A chauffer of Koyasan / Kudoyama taxi) could be called “Expert of visiting sacred places of Shinto and Buddhism” rather than a driver.


Mr. Nishino, an agent of Shinto and Buddhism will provide definitely satisfying tour to you by his inspiration and general judgement such as season, weather.
“Where do you go?” “What will happen there?” “What experience you can you have?”
Let`s say again, “Leave it to Mr. Nishino!”
Why don`t you dive in to spiritual world?
(Just in case, we never invite to any religion.)


Hashimoto station 10:00
Hashimoto station 16:00

The places of departure and arrival are negotiable.

Tour Fee

1 Person JPY40,000
2 Persons JPY20,000 (Per person)
3 Persons JPY13,300 (Per person)
4 Persons JPY10,000 (Per person)

Tour Fee

5 Persons JPY9,600 (Per person)
6 persons JPY8,000 (Per person)
7 Persons JPY6,800 (Per person)
8 Persons JPY6,000  (Per person)